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Blacksmith Anvil inside Artisan Forge Metalworks
Artisan Forge Metalworks began with a single artist incorporating steel work into furnishings and homes has grown into a team of 13 craftsmen working on multi-million dollar projects. Our ever growing in-house design team brings initial ideas to life through CAD design, rendering and shop drawings. From there we have a shop of highly skilled metal craftsmen who are experienced metal fabricators with backgrounds in art and industrial design. Most of our artists and craftsmen are certified in structural and purpose tested credentials.

Very few metalworks companies offer our level of service, from initial concept to complete installation. Our vision is to do cool things – and do it in ways others can’t. Our mission is to make it look easy and provide our customers with finished products and installations that are remarkable, timeless and truly crafted by artisans.

About Greg Johnson

Greg is a native to Eau Claire who worked his way into the construction and design world during college in the late 80’s. As he progressed further into the home building world, Greg grew tired of conventional style and techniques, so he started operating outside the norm. He set out to blend together concepts that were almost unattainable by others due to the complexity of blending steel into the realm of conventional wood structure, frame and design.

This opened the door to bold and exceptional residential work that was typically only used in the commercial world. Greg had a taste for both – and more than anything a passion to do what others thought to be impossible.

So from the humble beginnings of learning to build homes to now being involved in designing, fabricating and installing showcase quality commercial projects with multi-million dollar allowances, Greg and his team have become an industry go-to for architects and designers looking for that extra-something to help set themselves apart from the masses.

Nationwide Delivery & Installation

Artisan Forge Metalworks has facilities in Wisconsin and Arizona but provides on-site installations across the country because so much of our work is purpose-built and site specific. We are also highly committed to providing turn key service, so this makes it ultra easy for our clients to work with us. Our craftsmen are honored to come to your town and enjoy engaging in the communities where our work is placed.

We have a well planned protocol when it is necessary to install across borders. We ship and deliver with our own fleet of branded trucks and semis. We are excited to be in your town and want everyone to know we are there. This year we have placed work in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, New York, New Mexico, and of course Arizona.

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